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I will openly admit that I have an obsession with Sephora. I love being able to plan my purchases around the sales that happen throughout the year. I find that because I usually think about what I want ahead of time, I'm less likely to make impulse purchases. Although, the last few days of the sale are typically when the things I was on the fence about make it into my cart. Here are some of my all-time favourite things:

Hello FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer

This is my favourite summer daytime moisturizer because it works great on it's own or under makeup. It gives your skin a nice glow as there is a bit of shimmer in it, but not too much.

Drunk Elephant Baby Facial

I feel like I should make write a blog just about Drunk Elephants products since I use so many of them. However, this one especially is incredible. If you have any active breakouts, this will sting when you first put it on. Once this is washed off though, your skin will be glowing. I found that once I started using this, the dark spots that were haunting me from previous breakouts went away in no time.

Milk Blue Liquid Matte Foundation

I first tried this foundation when I was in LA in the spring and was so impressed by how little I needed to use. It is a full-coverage foundation that feels great on the skin because it's not heavy at all. If I don't want as much coverage, I will mix this with my moisturizer or face oil for more of an everyday look.

Drunk Elephant T.L.C Night Serum

This serum has done wonders for those little under the skin bumps that never seem to go away as well as improve the overall texture of my skin. My skin is noticeably more even after consistently using this. I've stopped using this before to see what would happen with my skin and I will never do that again. Since my skin is so temperamental, this really helps prevent, combat and recover from any breakouts or scarring.

Olaplax Hair Perfector

This treatment does wonders for my hair and is vegan and cruelty-free! As a natural brunette with blonde hair, it seems like every time I wash my hair, a quarter of it falls out. Using this at-home treatment every few weeks keeps my hair feeling strong and less likely to break. I also have the shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in treatment from this line which I rotate with my other products.

Amika Bust Your Brass Blonde Purple Shampoo and Conditioner

I have tried other purple shampoos before and I love this brand because they are cruelty-free. A bunch of their products are vegan, it's just that this particular line has honey in it. What sets this apart from other purple shampoos is that this one is not as drying as others on the market. My hair is dry and brittle as it is from bleaching it, so it's important for me to stay away from anything that's harsh or adding additional stress to my hair. Sometimes I'll mix the conditioner in with the Olaplex treatment and leave it in my hair for a few hours for an extra boost.

IGK Mixed Feelings Leave-In Blonde Drops

A little goes a long way and this bottle has yet to run out even though I've had it for over a year now. Since I do have other purple products in my hair routine, I don't always use this every time I wash my hair. Although, I love these drops because you can use them with any styling product you want.

In case you missed it, I uploaded a haul video from this last Sephora sale. I'm still working on transitioning to using all clean beauty products. If you have any recommendations, let me know!

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